Say it. Show it.
Prove it.

There are SIMPLE Reasons some people are able to present and sell their Products/Service better than others.

They STRIVE to appeal to our 5 Senses: Sight, Sound (hearing), Smell, Touch and Taste.


They don’t just tell you about the features and benefits of their product, they also…

SHOW IT (Demonstrate).

Let people SEE IT with their own eyes by demonstrating how good, useful or powerful their product/service is.


When people EXPERIENCE IT, SMELL IT, FEEL IT, TASTE IT and HEAR the testimonies of other users/buyers, they would be convinced.

Many years back when Olympus launched their FIRST Waterproof and Shockproof Digital Camera in Malaysia, they did a Powerful DEMONSTRATION in front of live audiences. They put the camera into a spinning washing machine and proved that it still work after being inside the machine for a wash. The results were an overwhelming STAND OUT success!

The next time you present your product/service, remember to SAY IT, SHOW IT and PROVE IT.